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Volt score Test Brand Type rated mAh C rate weight price 80A info 60A info Date*1
SD2390 readAceheFormula150095194 g31.58 €4.0 s59.2 s 2017-09-02
SD2540 readAcehegreen150075185 g28.99 €3.4 s62.4 s 2017-09-02
SD1660 readAcehegreen130075169 g21.66 €3.0 s38.4 s 2017-09-02
SD1220 readAceheFormula130095163 g25.33 €2.6 s27.8 s 2017-09-02
SD4090 readAMAXinno180090208 g39.99 €30.8 s75.4 s 2017-09-01
SD2920 readAMAXinno155090182 g29.99 €4.0 s51.0 s 2017-09-09
SD1050 readAMAXinno lite150050167 g21.00 €1.4 s10.8 s 2017-09-02
SD2230 readBonkaGraphene150080195 g49.99 €6.0 s54.4 s 2017-09-02
SD2270 readBonkaGraphene130080170 g44.99 €3.8 s48.4 s 2017-09-02
SD2520 readDinogyUltra V2 Graphene150080196 g32.19 €4.0 s66.4 s 2017-09-02
SD2150 readDinogyUltra V2 Graphene130080172 g28.88 €2.6 s48.8 s 2017-09-02
SD3110 readDronelabEvolved1500107190 g32.84 €12.2 s46.4 s 2017-09-24
SD2390 readDronelabEvolved1300123179 g27.36 €7.4 s35.4 s 2017-09-24
SD3400 readFÜ-RCInsaneya1600198 g40.98 €5.0 s57.2 s 2017-10-06
SD3100 readGaonengGNB1500120182 g24.99 €10.2 s55.0 s 2017-09-02
SD2960 readIndestructible QuadsBlack Label150080186 g20.13 €4.8 s45.4 s 2017-09-08
SD1790 readIndestructible QuadsBlack Label130080171 g16.67 €2.8 s30.8 s 2017-09-06
SD3030 readInfinityRS Force150080181 g23.21 €15.0 s48.2 s 2017-09-01
SD2940 readInfinityRace Spec150090181 g21.13 €8.2 s70.8 s 2017-09-02
SD1130 readInfinityRace Spec130090160 g18.19 €2.8 s38.4 s 2017-09-02
SD3660 readMylipoParcour180050194 g39.48 €13.8 s83.0 s 2017-09-01
SD3050 readMylipoParcour160050176 g33.91 €3.8 s63.4 s 2017-09-01
SD1320 readMylipoParcour130050149 g26.59 €2.2 s41.0 s 2017-09-02
SD2630 readSLSQuantum150065208 g27.00 €3.4 s64.0 s 2017-09-02
SD1750 readSLSQuantum130065175 g26.00 €1.8 s14.4 s 2017-09-02
HV5570 readTattuR-Line 2.0 HV1550100190 g43.99 €40.2 s86.0 s 2017-09-10
HV3670 readTattuR-Line 2.0 HV1300100163 g35.99 €10.6 s57.8 s 2017-10-01
SD3450 readTattuR-Line155095192 g35.00 €5.8 s68.6 s 2017-09-02
SD1360 readTattuR-Line130095165 g33.00 €3.0 s53.0 s 2017-09-02
SD1960 readTBSGraphene130075173 g24.99 €3.0 s41.0 s 2017-09-02
SD2290 readThunder Power RCAdrenaline1300100156 g35.99 €4.4 s42.6 s 2017-09-09
SD2870 readThunder Power RCAdrenaline160095176 g46.99 €4.4 s49.8 s 2017-09-09
SD2170 readTurnigyGraphene150065206 g24.97 €4.0 s58.4 s 2017-09-02
SD2340 readTurnigyMultistar140065183 g20.20 €3.8 s47.8 s 2017-09-02
SD1960 readTurnigyGraphene130065165 g23.96 €2.0 s28.6 s 2017-09-02
SD1140 readTurnigynano-tech130045146 g17.13 €1.8 s8.0 s 2017-09-02

Additional informations about the ranking:

All performance tests are done @ 25°C.
80A / 60A info: Longest burst in seconds where the battery could withstand the 80A / 60A test without dropping below 14V.
battery score: Score calculated during the race test to rate the performance of the battery.
*1 How I got the Lipo: : self bought | : send by manufacturer/distributor | : send by m/d but verified that results are matching the production results


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