Lipo test summary

Mylipo Parcour 1800 mAh 50 C :

This Lipo is the first 1800mAh in this test and was suggested by a user of the FPV-Racer Germany Facebook group because of it's weight of only 194g. Because this matches the average weight of the top 1500mAh-1600mAh Lipos tested so far, I did agree and ordered one.

And the user was right! Because of the higher capacity (compared to the 1500-1600mAh) and the still good quality cells this Lipo does not only give you more mAh to use, and therefore more flight time, it also did perform realy good in all 3 Test (30A / 60A / 80A). But not only the longest burst was really good, also the other bursts and the recover times after the bursts. And this with still only 194g.

So, maybe you will consider to try one of these for yourself.

Testdate:  2017-09-01
Weight:     194g
Price:         39.48€

max. temp rise: 26 °
bursts: 1
longest burst*: 216.2 sec
max. temp: 28.5 °
bursts: 3
longest burst*: 83 sec
max. temp: 33 °
bursts: 25
longest burst*: 13.8 sec
* Longest burst in seconds where the battery could withstand the 30A / 60A / 80A test without dropping below 14V.