Lipo test summary

Tattu R-Line 2.0 HV 1550 mAh 100 C :

The price is from the international Gens Ace website. I did get this Lipo one week ago for testing.
Be carefull: This is a HV (high voltage) Lipo, do not try to overcharge your normal Lipos with more than 4.2V/cell!

This is the latest generation of Gens Acs Tattu R-Line, now in version 2 and HV (high voltage). The single cells are rated with 4.35V instead of 4.20V, and charging them to 4.35V gives the Lipo a advantage of more than 250mAh against charging it with 4.20V.

Right now, this Lipo is outperforming every Lipo tested at Lipobench so far. The discharge curves on the graphs do indeed show the great performance of this Lipo, and while the results are great at 30A and 60A, Gens Ace did manage to build a excellent performing Lipo even at 80A. Somehow they did even manage to keep the temperature under control.

The 190g weight is well within the other top ranked Lipos.

I did run all the tests more than one time to verify this results. I did also run all this tests at the cell voltage of 4.2V to see how big the difference in performance of this high voltage feature of 4.35V is. Here are the results of this comparison:

4.2V Lipo test summary
80A comparison 4.2V vs. 4.35V
60A comparison 4.2V vs. 4.35V

Testdate:  2017-09-10
Weight:     190g
Price:         43.99€

max. temp rise: 20.5 °
bursts: 1
longest burst*: 202.8 sec
max. temp: 25 °
bursts: 2
longest burst*: 86 sec
max. temp: 24.5 °
bursts: 10
longest burst*: 40.2 sec
* Longest burst in seconds where the battery could withstand the 30A / 60A / 80A test without dropping below 14V.