Lipo test summary

AMAX inno 1550 mAh 90 C :

This is the latest generation of AMAX inno, and they really did their homework. While the last generation was not one of the strongest Lipos on the market, they did indeed improve their Lipo to keep up with the competitors.

This Lipo has quite an unusual form factor. While most of the competitors have a width of around 34-35mm, AMAX did make the pack really wide. This Lipo has a width of 45mm. So check your Quad if this Lipo will fit.

Here are some batteries for comparison (L x W x H):
73mm x 45mm x 30mm (Amax inno 90C 1550mAh)
85mm x 34mm x 33mm (Infinity Race Spec 90C 1500mAh)
75mm x 35mm x 39mm (Tattu R-Line 2.0 HV 1550mAh)

The 182g weight is also interesting, and beside the good performance something to keep in mind. The temperature is higher than for example the Infinity or Tattu V2, but this seems to be a effect of the form factor with this wide but smaller height of the pack. This pack will also be monitored how it will perform over time, because of this form factor.

The packaging (something i do not realy care about) is nice with a metal box and a velvet bag, quite something unusual. Also because of the price, this Lipo can be a alternative to some other strong brands. (Updated Test with new Batch)

Testdate:  2017-09-09
Weight:     182g
Price:         29.99€

max. temp rise: 21 °
bursts: 1
longest burst*: 179.2 sec
max. temp: 23.5 °
bursts: 5
longest burst*: 51 sec
max. temp: 27.5 °
bursts: 48
longest burst*: 4 sec
* Longest burst in seconds where the battery could withstand the 30A / 60A / 80A test without dropping below 14V.