Lipo test summary

Infinity RS Force 1500 mAh 80 C :

This is the latest battery of Infinity, the RS Force, and this is really similar to the Infinity Race Spec or the Gaoneng GNB 1500mAh.

This Lipo has a normal form factor, so this is not something like the 1550mAh square one from AMAX, but Infinitys square version of the RS Force will be here, soon.

No surprises at weight (with 182g it's performing great), the IR is quite good, and again Infinity is delivering a nice performing battery at a price that is really fair.

With this performance, and the price/weight in mind, this battery has quite some strong selling points, and will be a great choice for many pilots out there. Can't wait to test the square version soon.

Testdate:  2017-09-01
Weight:     181g
Price:         23.21€

max. temp rise: 21.5 °
bursts: 1
longest burst*: 153 sec
max. temp: 24.5 °
bursts: 8
longest burst*: 48.2 sec
max. temp: 28 °
bursts: 40
longest burst*: 15 sec
* Longest burst in seconds where the battery could withstand the 30A / 60A / 80A test without dropping below 14V.