2018-07-28: Page back online
I did decide to put up the V1 page again, and finish the background polish on the testserver. There have been way to much requests to get at least access to the ranking. New results of batterie tests will then be online asap when I´m done with the work on the backend, and a slightly other layout on the tests / rankings.

Thank you for your patience, and please keep in mind that it is summer here, and I want to fly, not sit at the Lipobench for too long. ;-)

by Lipobench

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    Welcome to
    Your independent source für racequad batterie tests.

Kindly Note

To be able to compare the different batteries for our Racequads within our group of pilots I was looking for a way to test them always under the same conditions without any human influence. And of course to be able to see how they change after usage.

But after i finished the test unit and did the first tests (always with new batteries), i decided to create a small website to share the information from this test unit with the community of racing pilots.

Maybe some of you do indeed find this data usefull. More batteries are on the way to be tested.

To understand the results, please do first take a look at the Test setup page.

Having Problems?

Docus (Ramon Hug)

If you have any questions about this website, or want to suggest some batteries i should test next, you can contact me on our Facebook page

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