2017-10-18: Tattu R-Line V2 HV 100C 1300mAh test online
The (really) long awaited test is online after a few days break from Lipobench. I really had to take care of some real life stuff first.
Take a look at the results, and like always discuss them with me on Lipobench @ Facebook

by Ramon Hug

2017-10-06: FÜ-RC Insaneya ∞C 1600mAh test online
The long awaited test is online, I had to wait several weeks to hunt one of this batterys. Do they match the claims of FÜ-RC?
Take a look at the results, and discuss with me on Lipobench @ Facebook

by Ramon Hug

2017-10-03: Update of the long term test in The lab
The 2 long-term tests did get the first update:

Performance after storage your battery at 3.85V vs. 4.2V
Performance after charging your battery at 1C vs. 5C

Take a look at the results, and discuss with me on Lipobench @ Facebook

by Ramon Hug

2017-09-10: New section online at The lab
The lab is a section of where I will show you test results regarding batterys in general. The Lipobench does give me the opportonity to test more than just the performance. Look around and come back, I´ll update this section whenever I have something new to share. The first closed test is online with final results:
How is temperature affecting your batterys performance?

And 2 other tests (long-term tests) are also started and will be updated regularly:
Performance after storage your battery at 3.85V vs. 4.2V
Performance after charging your battery at 1C vs. 5C

by Ramon Hug

2017-09-09: Thunder Power RC Adrenaline 1300 mAh 100C test online
Thunder Power did deliver a great performing 1300mAh battery with a nice feature and unfortunately one weak point. The performance (in part) is the best I did ever see on the Lipobench so far, out of a insane lightweight battery. This battery is really a power pack.

First the nice feature I would like to see more. This battery has a very short balance lead, and a small flap made out of the same heat shrink the battery is protected with. So, while flying, the balance lead is always out of the way and can not be damaged. Nice!

The performance on the dynamic race test is starting really great, and up until the very end it is even slightly outperforming the Gaoneng GNB 120C 1300mAh and would have been place 1 of the 1300mAh. But starting at 85 seconds of the 90s stress phase the Thunder Power did drop in voltage, there just was not enough power (mAh) left in the battery.

The weight is the second, very strong point. With only 156g, this is ridiculously light weighted for the given power.

So if you are looking for a really strong performing battery, with a nice balance lead feature, you will find this in the Thunder Powers latest 1300mAh. It did hit the ranking at a verry strong 2nd place, but is outperforming all other 1300mAh batteries in the first 85s. And the weight is pushing this even further.

If you keep in mind that you have about 5s less flight time under heavy load, you get premium power ... at a premium price reflecting the performance.

by Ramon Hug

2017-09-07: Indestructible Quads Black Label 1300 mAh 80 C test online
This battery is hitting the midsection of the 1300mAh battery class with solid results. It is performing similar to the SLS Quantum 1300mAh 65C battery with a good mid range IR curve.

The strongest point of this battery is the really great price at a solid performance. This is not the absolut powerhouse that is demolishing the competitors, if you're looking for the last bit of power, then take a look at some other great batterys in the ranking. But if you're looking for a battery of the 1300mAh class with solid results and a great price, you really should consider this type of battery.

And it's black! :-)

by Ramon Hug

2017-09-04: And the next big update to
This time it's the IR (internal resistance) measurement, that I did integrate in the yesterday released dynamic race test comparison.

So, beside the dynamic race test results, you can also keep an eye on the internal resistance curve. You can find this data also in the detail data summary of each battery, if you will follow the Test link (click) in the ranking.

So, in the data summary you will now have all the data availible for a single battery. Static load tests with 30A, 60A, 80A, the dynamic race test with a race between 15A to 90A, and the IR curve, as well as weight, price etc.

Some words about the IR:

You can now see why the temperature of the test enviroment is so importand. Even a few degrees in temperature will change the IR of a battery, and on most batterys the change is huge!

Again, if you see a test video or results without temperature, you can not even compare the test data to the last measured batterys.

This is the reason why you should keep your batterys warm, if it's getting colder outside. And this is why some top pilots take care that the battery is warm at the beginning of the race. Even a few degrees can change the power that your battery can deliver.

Have fun! And now, with this 2 importand features online (at least for me), I can now focus on the next battery tests here on the Lipobench.

by Ramon Hug

2017-09-03: Big update to
Today I want to introduce you one feature I've been working on for a while. After many tests I'm proud to introduce to you the new race test in combination with the battery score!

The race test is a simulated race over 90s and 3 laps to compare the performance of the batteries under realistic conditions. It is reproduceable, independent and always performed under the same conditions. The temperature of the battery at the beginning of the race is 25°C. The battery score is calculated from the performance while the race. The default ranking is now the battery score, because it's much more realistic than the the static load tests. (Yes, I admit this.)

If you want to understand the performance of a battery, I suggest you to compare it with the race test, but also take a look at the performance of the static load test. And like always, don't forget the weight! Therefore you will find the battery score to weight ratio below the ranking.

And one last thing you should always consider: If you should see a battery test or the internal restistance anywhere, without the information of the exact temperature of the battery at the beginning of the test, this test information is not compareable to anything! The performance of a battery is changing rapidly under different temperatures!

Because of this, at all tests the batteries are in the tempering cabinet to get all of them to 25°C.

by Ramon Hug

2017-08-19: The results of the Gaoneng GNB 4S 1300mAh and 1500mA are online
The results of the Gaoneng GNB 4S 1300mAh and 1500mAh are online! First, thanks to Thomas Singer, he did borrow me his new, unused batteries for the tests! I really appreciate this great support!

This 2 batteries are quite interesting, because of the performance at different amps! While they do perform quite solid in the 60A tests (but not outstanding), they really did show that they can keep up the performance at higher amps.

If you have a setup and flying style where you need a battery that can withstand a few higher amp punches at a realy fair price, this could be a alternative for you.

by Ramon Hug

2017-08-15: First test results with the new IR test equipment
This (klick) are the first results of a quick test with the Lipobench battery incubator (tempering cabinet, IR measured with the Universal ESR Analysis Meter V2 by Wayne Giles). And this is exactly why you never should belive any internal resistance values on a nice shiny picture from anyone (including me) without knowing 3 things:

1.) The voltage of the individual cells while testing
2.) The temperature of the cells (most important)
3.) How was the IR measured

And of course this is the same with load tests. I do start every load test on Lipobench at 25°C to be compareable. If i would measure the performance of the battery at different temperatures, the results would be not fair, because the batteries do perform better wenn they are warmer. I will now have to think about how (what temperature or what different temperatures) i will use for the IR data on the website, how i will display it, and how i will define the real C-Rate of the battery. And i will run some tests to find the best temperature for a Lipo to perform optimal at a race event without overheating. This could be interesting.

by Ramon Hug

2017-08-14: New test equipment for IR measuring and temperature controlled test series arived
Measuring the IR (internal resistance) or ESR of a Lipo battery can be quite tricky if you need a comparable and repeatable result. Whenever you will see informations about the IR (battery internal resistance) without the information about the temperature of the battery, it is absolutly useless and just marketing (or lack of knowledge)! The IR of a Lipo is changing rapitly with temperature! For example, if you change the temperature of a Lipo from let´s say 10°C to 30°C, the IR is dropping by up to 90%! So some(!) manufacturers that do publish IR will heat up the Lipo a bit and get a way better result (lower internal resistance).
So, there are 3 devices that will help me to compare the IR of all the batterys always the same:

1.) The Lipobench battery incubator (tempering cabinet with adjustable temperature from 5°C to 60°C + additional thermometer to measure at the battery itself).
2.) The Universal ESR Analysis Meter V2 (by Wayne Giles)
3.) The VC880 Multimeter with Voltsoft

Beside the regular IR data that will be measured from now on at always the same temperature, that of course will be provided with the IR, I will also be able to measure how the performance of the battery is changing at different temperatures.

So expect a update of the Lipobench website in the next days with the new IR test data.

And of course new batteries on the Lipobench.

by Ramon Hug

2017-08-12: AMAX inno 4S 90C 1550mAh test is online
A new test is online: The new AMAX inno 4S 90C 1550mAh. As soon as i did see this new release I had to order one asap, and DHL did indeed deliver today early in the morning. While the last generation was not one of the strongest Lipos on the market, they did really improve their Lipo to keep up with the competitors. But please read the test on the webside, this Lipo has quite an unusual form factor!

AMAX did also send me one of this batteries for testing without warning me. I did test the bought one, and will start a giveway of this still originally packaged AMAX inno 4S 90C 1550mAh that was send to me. (This will be limited to the EU, because the shipping costs to the US etc. will be a bit to high, and i have to pay that. :-) )

Watch my Facebook page for updates about the give away, I think I´ll start this today or tomorrow, and will keep this open for a week.

by Ramon Hug

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But after i finished the test unit and did the first tests (always with new batteries), i decided to create a small website to share the information from this test unit with the community of racing pilots.

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