race & IR tests

The race test is a simulated race over 90s and 3 laps to compare the performance of the batterys under realistic conditions. It is reproduceable, independent and always performed under the same conditions. The temperature of the battery at the beginning of the race is 25°C. The battery score is calculated from the performance while the race.
The IR (internal resistance) is measured between 10°C and 55°C. This will give you a understanding how (strong) the performance will change if the battery has a specific temperature.

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battery score: 3660
Ø: 14.67 V
min: 13.6 V
used: 1089 mAh
battery score: 4094
Ø: 14.76 V
min: 13.72 V
used: 1097 mAh
higher is better
higher is better
higher is better
higher is better
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Kindly Note

To be able to compare the different batteries for our Racequads within our group of pilots I was looking for a way to test them always under the same conditions without any human influence. And of course to be able to see how they change after usage.

But after i finished the test unit and did the first tests (always with new batteries), i decided to create a small website to share the information from this test unit with the community of racing pilots.

Maybe some of you do indeed find this data usefull. More batteries are on the way to be tested.

To understand the results, please do first take a look at the Test setup page.

Having Problems?

Docus (Ramon Hug)

If you have any questions about this website, or want to suggest some batteries i should test next, you can contact me on our Facebook page

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